Support Mark and Nina Stiber

Support Mark and Nina Stiber through GoFundMe:

From Lauren Harrelson:

I have set up this GoFundMe page on behalf of my dear friends Mark & Nina Stiber. Mark needs a liver donation from a healthy living donor as soon as possible. So, I helped Nina set up a Facebook page to spread the word and hopefully to find a donor!

Mark’s health insurance is covering the medical costs for his and the donor’s procedure. However, the Stibers would also like to pay for the donor’s lost wages during the surgery and the recovery period.

Financially, I suspect that this will be difficult. They have already lost considerable income during the past 12 months due to doctor visits, surgeries, etc.  They will be facing additional lost income when the transplant is done, as Mark will be out of work for quite some time.

The Stibers would never ask for money; they’re the ones who have given generously to others at church and in the community. They are accustomed to being givers. It is their turn now to be receivers, to let others help them.

So, I’m here asking on their behalf, hoping that through community we can help make this journey as smooth as possible for them. This account will be linked directly to them, and all proceeds will go to them.

Thank you for your generosity & consideration!

with warm wishes,
Lauren Harrelson


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