How can I become a donor?

Mark is looking for a living donor with blood type A or O. Under age 45 is best, but the doctors at Yale are saying up to age 55 is okay; anyone aged 55-60 must be in excellent health. Normal BMI, no heavy drinkers. If you think you might be able to be Mark’s hero, please call Mark’s liver transplant coordinator at 866-925-3897!

How can I spread the word?

  • Like  and share the Friends of Mark on Facebook.
  • Make regular posts about the Friends of Mark page on your Facebook, invite your friends to consider becoming donor and ask them to share the information.
  • Ask us for a stack of flyers and distribute them to your friends.
  • Do you have a place of employment? Are you a member of a worship community or a civic organization?  Please share this information with all of your communities repeatedly.  Ask them to network and share with their own communities.
  • Bring flyers home for the holidays!  Over dinner invite your loved ones to give the ultimate gift — the gift of life.

What happens during a liver transplant?

This image / diagram from WebMD demonstrates the process undertaken between the living donor and the receiver. Isn’t it amazing how the body is able to regenerate a full, completely healthy liver in both people?!


How can I support Mark and Nina?

  • Pray for Mark and Nina Stiber each day.
  • Call, text and send cards to share you continued love, support and kind thoughts.